The Tata Hexa has been undergoing testing and development for almost two years now and by industry standards that is quite a long time for new product development. But now that we know what the Hexa has to offer, we are not complaining. coque iphone 6 For the first time in the premium people mover segment, Tata is offering driving modes and the options are comprehensive. Tata Hexa driving modes explained © CarWale Tata Hexa driving modes explained The four driving modes offered are Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road and are available only with the six-speed manual gearbox. The Auto and Rough Road modes run full-time four-wheel drive. While Auto is more road biased, the Rough Road, as the name suggests, is more sensitive to torque demand. You also have Hill Descent control to ensure safe descent from steep slopes on or off the road. Comfort and dynamic driving modes use the torque-on-demand all-wheel drive. coque iphone en ligne The power is sent primarily to the rear wheels and when the car senses the need, power is sent to the front wheels as well. In Comfort mode, the engine response and setup is biased towards comfort, in Dynamic mode, the focus is on performance. coque iphone 2019 The six-speed automatic gearbox gets Economy, Sport and Auto-sensing modes along with the option of shifting gears manually. The driving modes work in conjunction with the electronic stability program and the engine management system to identify the driving requirements. coque iphone 8 The Economy mode ensures the car gearbox shifts at optimal rpm to provide maximum fuel economy. Old car, new tech: Thinking of splashing out on a new car to enjoy the latest tech – think again. We’ve put together a list of retrofit gadgets that will turn your existing motor into a technological powerhouse, making you the envy of all your mates. Stick with us as we teach your old car some new tricks. How to modernise your old car The Sports mode ensures that the engine revs are maintained in the peak torque range all the time, thus, providing maximum go all the time. coque iphone xr The Auto-sensing mode switches between Economy and Sports depending upon the throttle inputs. Tata has taken the premium people mover game to the next level, offering customised driving experiences to a variety of driver needs in a single package. You can drive comfortably in the city, on highways, in mountains and across them as well using the different modes offered.